what is maqpaper?

Next 19th and 20th October 2022 the 11th edition of Maqpaper, the pioneer and oldest fair in Spain dedicated to the paper sector, is going to be held in IGUALADA (Barcelona).

In this fair suppliers of wood paper, paper and corrugated cardboard from all the country meet for two days.

Among the exhibitors in its history brands such as VoithPaper, Andritz, Metso, Basalan, ABB, Nalco Española, Celpap, Valmet, Bellmer, Kemira, Kadant, Archroma,… have come.

After ten editions Maqpaper has become a meeting point of reference for this sector to create synergies and establish new contacts with potential clients and suppliers. With an average of more than 50 exhibitors representing more than 150 brands we can find machinery enterprises, accessories, chemical products, dyes, workshops, engineering companies and others.

On the other hand the profile of our visitors is that of production managers, quality managers and maintenance and laboratory managers.

In this edition Maqpaper wants to be the showcase of changes and innovation that the paper industry and cardboard is facing to be competitive in an increasingly more technological and automated environment and where paper is a sustainable alternative to plastic. For this reason we have introduced 4.0 industry and the packaging sector.

So Maqpaper welcomes knowledge and technological solutions that will allow the paper industry to be up to date, have information of the process, the product or its distribution and anticipate itself, save materials and processes, become more flexible , more connected and have tools to enable a better output in the productive process.

Maqpaper opens its doors to companies of the packaging sector that can generate mercantile collaborations and/or industrial ones with the paper industry. These can be machinery suppliers or packaging ones that can directly work for the paper, cellulose and cardboard industry. Being paper the main substitute/relay for plastic in the packaging sector, the present edition of Maqpaper takes a chance on this fact and lends a hand to this present solution and also for its future.